Saturday, May 09, 2015


6 Years have passed, and it is time to get some update here! For sure, no one anymore comes here, but maybe a few pictures from Sierra Leone will revive some interest :)

So let's cut the speech, and show some Ebola Mission shots from the Today's Helicopter trip!


    Helipad in Koido, just before take off, a bit of joy!

    Agriculture is there too.



Mosque in Freetown

 UN chopper!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Guinea - View from my balcony (Novotel)

Hello, been a long time, probably six month I have not wrote on here, but time happens where it just doesn't feel like to, or just that life is busy enough, to offer enough time and energy to write. Or maybe Im just lazy :)

UN is finished, it wasn't a nice ending, but as you could expect coming from an environment like the UN, there is nothing surprising. As usual, at the end of last year, we had this get together american style staff assembly somewhere in the desert (UAE), where we are meant express our selves and point out lessons learned etc... Well, that last one, I probably was tired enough of being unfairly "Fucked" (excuse the expression), and decided to say what I believed correct to say. Obvisouly, that isnt the policy which pleases the high level fat bastards that feel their pockets with your sweat, and lifes.... At least, I really loved that work, and really enjoyed acquiring such an experience of people and mostly africans. Nothing can replace this experience in the deep parts of certain country where I would have otherwise not been able to go. Just because of this, I wont spend more time on puking about the UN controversies and unfairness, through there would be probably a large book to write about..... I let you make your own validation of what the UN stands for, or for who they fight for!

After three month of searching, without much replies from the hundreds of targeted job adverts, I eventually got lucky, and was taken onboard what I would say bought back a large smile on my face. I have embarked in one of the biggest projects in the world, and one of the most enjoyable life there can be for who enjoyed the rough life of africa. Guinea is the new location where I should be living for the next three or four years (if all goes well, and I manage the work). Life at the moment isn't too easy, nothing is settled, I live in the hotel for the last three months, I am becoming fat as I eat at the restaurant every days... something I have not been used to in the past, and Im still smoking and drinking more than I would like to. However, this is only the usual adaptation period, where you are struggling in finding your cruising speed. I know that in sometime again, I will be having a saine and healthy life. Its a matter of getting there, and thats happening now... hahahah. Meanwhile, Guinea is an extremely poor country, with a lots of potential! There is everything to be done in this country, and so little that can be yet invested in as the political situation is so unstable. People are suffering a lot, and if a bag of rise costs a monthly salary to an average citizen, it does not remove them there smiles and constant inexplicable kindness. Damn, got to go, will be back later :) sorry!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Back online, alone again...

While having a trip around with the office bike.... These people are Mahafale, thats the tribe they belong to! (madagascar)

Not been writting here for a very long time.... I guess life has been a little to busy to get the time to write to myself again... inspiration and feelings for writting here are very sporadic.... I don't really know if anyone reads this, but in anycase, this is just another session I write with myself. Im in boredom bangla jessore city, and its a real test to put up with. This place must be the most dirty and disease infested one I have ever been into since I Started traveling.... Dengue fever, Malarya, lepra.... a lot more... smells, dirty hands all the time, smelling hell...... just enough...

Im in a lost town, where there are so far no expat seen, and where all there is to see is dirt.. now in an office on my own, noone to talk to, just an internet connection, and a hord of Moskitos attacking from all sides. I might just be lucky enough to transform into one of them soon!

Christina the adorable! No! its not my daughter! (madagascar)

Anway way, Ill try to catch up a little on thing by pasting here a few picture of the event happened since Lebanon..... Its got to be, Madagascar, Mauritius, Iran, and Bangladesh....

Take care...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Nahr El Bared (Tripoli)

It has now been a month that I am in Lebanon, working on this small scale Emergency project. Its been a month, and yet, the real action has not started. The Palestinian refugee camp is still being shuttered by heavy mortars and gunfire. It has become a routine to hear the permanent "BOUUMM" from the place where I stay. The unfortunate people of this camp had to move to another camp near by called Beddawi. As a result, this camp is now overcrowded with double the people it would usually take. The refugees, have been living in the camps for generation, and seeing their 2Km square territory is extremely painful. The other day, I was with one of the refugee from Nahr El Bared camp, we were driving along, and were in a location where you can actually peacefully watch the mortars blowing building into dust. As we were watching this, I discovered he had his house there, which he had just morgaged for. He explained to me that his house was reduced to none, and that is futur was worst than is present! Not only that now he lived in some other famillies places, but also, he has to prepare for the return to the ruins of his ex-house, and ensure he keep working as usual to pay back the morgage he had taken to buy a very modest house, such as they are in the refugee camps. All in all, he will receive a thousand dollars to compansate his faith, and the rest is entirely up to him. Basically having a family with kids and no house to live in, is already sad, but on top having to p[ay a morgage for a house that has been destroyed by the army is even worst..... I still dont know what I could have said to this so strong and unfortunate man.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Mauritania - Morocco - Palestine - Israel - Lebanon

Been a while, and as usual, im coming up with that sentence.... Well, it seem as if its been along way for me since Sudan where I started writting this blog.. And I'm starting to try and understand why my motivation in writting through here has decreased so much! Its all to do with myself getting used to the job, and a little less confused, but also with life having been so busy! After the last trip to Somalia, I have been doing alot, but probably so much of it was full on, that I didn't feel the need to write to myself!

After spending sometime in Mauritania, for the fourth time in a year, spent some holidays in Morrocco! About two weeks! I wanted to find out about this stories I had, and also, it was the only place available at the time, near where I was based (MAU). What I'll shortly say, is that I was not impressed at all by this country, the police hassles you all the time, people are just not entertaining at all, and you have to watch out all the time, and the cities (Marakech, Agadir, Essaouira, and Casablanca) did not impress me at all. I would put that one on the last position in the priority list of the country I liked! Anyway, that only me, maybe others will find their dreams in there.

Following that, about 5 weeks later, Im off to Palestine (Occupied Territories) and Israel (of course, you have to get there to go to Palestine). Jerusalem was an amazing city to see, and I'd say that I would never replace this trip for any other! it was a fantastic opportunity to discover this amazing troubled land where most of religions history referes to! I saw the Jesus grave, Mohammed portal to Heaven, and the Jewish with Adam! It's just a breath taking city I must say and for me who converts into a muslim, it was a beautiful moment to do my first paryers! I loved it all the way and this city has everything that others don't have! All the religions together in the same place!

The darker side of it, is all this never ending war between people which in the end are no different than any other, they are led by politics and dragged into darkness! Religions seems to be a good tool to politicians to ensure complete control over their own interest! What a pity! It was so frustrating to see a country with plenty of land, and luxury on one side, and an other with absolutely nothing, and povrety all around.. I wont comment much on that for reason some you will surely understand!
Maybe one day, I'll spit all this out, but I doubt it happens here! :-)

Half way through my life in this very emotional land, I headed to Jordan, passing through Albin Bridge, border with Israel and Jordan! this was another so fantastic journey, with a stunning landscape, and the famous and notorious Dead Sea! I surely cannot explain how wonderful it feels to be in the middle of this extraterrestrial land with eroded DRY mountains, and this so amazing dying Dead Sea! :-)
On this Mission, Mogadishu was well far from my mind, and altho I will never forget Mogadishu trhilling experience, there are time where nothing disturbs my mind from these amazing beauty of earth!

The journey to Jordan was paradise, and I made my way through to Aman, on the same day! There I spend only 7 hours, before heading to Lebanon! Arrival in Lebanon happened at night, with a Dash 9 C400, and it was not without trouble. My luggage were forgotten in Aman, and I had to change my schedule before being able to take on my duty! After spending a very confortable night in Beirut, I headed North to the troubled area of Tripoli! For those who have no idea, there are two refugees camp where one of them has been assulted by the lebanese military forces due to a siege of the Fatah Al Islam group. Again, Im sure some will see my point in not getting into more details.... In the end, I am now still in Lebanon where the situation is getting more and more tense, to the point where I will very certainly have to give up on my return in Palestine!

All I can say, and I beleive that this will not offend anyone who truly beleive in Humanity, is that the Palestinian people have suffered more than any other people I have heard of! And even if still some will say that they were the victims of there mistake, I will always keep in my mind that by now, they have paid the price, and that there is no reason for the new generation to still pay tribute as much. It must be taff for a people to always having lived in a restricted area, which looks like jail on a big scale while there is so much space available for living in the place they orgininated from... Its so hurtful to see that even now, in 2007 there is still this kind of un-humanity towards brother humans... what can I say, or think... its just very sad!

I should remain over here for another month, inshallah, and hopefully get to meet more of the Lebanese people! I love this country and its people, I love the ever streching costal view, and could very well see myself living in such a place. However, there is still alot to be done for people to live in peace here, and As much as the Palestinian people suffered, the Lebanese people also had to go through a lot more than may deserve.... I'm still thinking of getting a life here, All I need is enough time to find a house! Imagine, view on the sea everyday, up in the mountain side, and near from work! Tempting isnt it! of course you will have to cope with the usual bombs there and there, but thats how you come to beleive that there is a god... its when you have passed by them that you understand that the only safe place is in beleif of your luck!

All I have to do not, is wait, and inshallah I will evenatually find my love and therefore home! This could well be in Lebanon!


Monday, February 05, 2007

Back from Mogadishu - Somalia

Hello Hello,

Phewwwwwwwww.... releasedddddddd, when stress evacuates your body, it does like a waterfall, physically touchable, and mentally relaxing! It's like you empty your body from all the event recorded from previous days, its like archieving your new files the souvenir closet! After these 9 days in Mogadishu, working long hours under some kind of stressfull environement, is eventually the end. Now, it time to relax for two days in Nairobi, and then I'll be off again, but for now, its time for stress release! inspire, expire! it also works for the head! :-)

Some pictures from Mogadishu....


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Latest News, Mogadishu under fire.

Lunch time today, mortar and gunfire on Mogadishu Int'l airport: (so quick, as usual its all here).


Back to work

Three weeks sleeping and sleeping, but yet, its time to go back. Emergencies, do not wait for Mr Fab to have his rest. Its time to go to work again.

The day starts like this, once its decided of where he should go, its time to wake up! 7:00am, Fab packs his clothes and few belongs in a 60l bag pack. An additional small buisness suitcase will be taken to fit the valuable stuff in it: work laptop, a hard drive with a few photos, music, and other things, the legendary ipod, and a headset. Lunch, its rather sad despite the efforts of the family trying their best to hide their worries and sadness to see him go again. Still its a very intense moment as each keeps inside his pain, but tries to enjoy as much as possible this time. The last lunch home was potatoes with savoyard cheese! Delicious! Thanks!!!

Time is for the ride to the train station, 20 minutes away from him. It nothing, indeed, but its certainly the worst journey on the way to work. It also time to HUG very deeply and lovely his mother. None of mum or fabrice cries, its a matter of respect for each other. Father will seat on the passenger side while fab will drive the car to the train station, just for the good fun of driving in a "civilized traffic". Arrived at the train station, while mum is certainly already crying rivers, dad have a coffe with him. As dad is very reserved and does not like to show his sorrow, he will leave before the train comes. A last big hug for him too, and father and son, are appart. Dad will certainly drive home and make sure that mum isn't going mad about it, after all, she does eventually got used to this come and go thing (she said). Fabs take a last sip of the coffe, and jumps in the train! This is the thinking, dreaming, wondering, scaring trip to Paris. Its when he has in his head all these things about what where why.... its a 2h30 journey. Thats more than enough to think of life for. Slowly the mind gets ready for the work to start. Its like this everytime, but everytime, its becoming more and more difficult to leave home for these first two journey. Then from the moment he is in Paris, it becomes easier... it like he is away for good already, and this makes it all a lot easier. He will have to spend one night in Paris to ensure that the plane is being taken ontime tomorrow. From the train station it will be underground to a nice area of Paris, where Fab has arranged to meet a friend. But first, he will find a hotel where to sleep for the night. Unlike usual most friend who could provide somewhere to squat, there is none this time. Hotel is found, time to standby till the evening, its 16:30.

22:15, out the hotel, walk for 15 minutes to the friend place, from St michel to Place Monge. Here she is, late but anyway here, they both walk to get the car some one km away from here, yeah, it isnt easy to park in paris! This friend is someone from pakistan, who happened to be from paris, and worth keeping in touch with as a friend from pakistan in France (through she is french...). A small party before bed time, and by 2:00am Fab is asleep at the hotel, with himself, of course!!! come on!

10;00am off to the airport, check out the hotel, underground, terminal, 2 hours wait, in the plane, flying over europe, and 2:30 local time, arrived in Dubai UAE. Hotel driver is here, so there he goes to the hotel, straight to bed, but not able to fall asleep before 4am, it will be a short night. Not much time to do anything, 8am, heading to the office, the mission now, is to pick up essential "Nomade" articles (mosquito net, toilet things, survival kit, and 50 kilos of tools), oh, and I forget, money, plane ticket, and mission infos.

12:00, Taxi is here, ride to the airport, check in (1h queue), terminal (1h), in the plane, flying over to Nairobi, Kenya! At last, arrived to work! now things almost start.... almost yeah... still, Somalia is where the real work start...

Fab will be in Nairobi for 6 days, time to sort permissions and security clearing to enter this hot spot. The first location to work in will be Mogadishu for 8 days. Mogadishu is the worst place in entire Somalia in terms of security, so things have been arranged so that permissions to enter come from the highest authorities possible, and that an immediate evacuation, if need be, is done easily. What does this mean ? well, the entire 8 days will be spent in a wall surrounded counpound near a runaway for the plane to take off. 400m to be accurate. This will allow quick escape, just in case things gets out of hand like its happening in Somalia for the last years. In the end, I hope this country will find its way to peace and unity for all. After Moga, will be two other towns for another 14 days, and then, who knows whats next after that....

Fab is stressed about it of course, its probably the most dangerous place he ever had to put his foot into. Its also going to be stressfull to be with only two other expates, in the middle of a warfield. But somehow, he will still go there. There are a million reasons to discuss about it, and probably two outcomes possible, Dead or alive.

I Wasn't to sure I'd write anything about this, but I guess its better to be said, just in case... I know its dangerous, and possibly deadly... But, its got to be done, I have escaped an other conflict before, by refusing to go, but then, in the end, I do have to pay a tribute for my collegues who went, when I didnt. And afterall, Im not yet about to leave this work, so what the heck, I go. Will see what happen, in the end, I do beleive, that the chances to be killed somewhere, are equal whether you are there or there, I beleive thats it all written, therefore, not eligible for stress overdose.

Anyway, no worries, im cool with it, I have had a great life so far, A one of a kind love once, and only once, reached a dream; that was to travel and see the world populations, do not be obsessed with money matters, a good health. The only thing I did not have yet, in this happy life, is a kid or many, and a loving wife to go with it, this will be once I have finished certain acheivment I got to do... anyway, its has not shown up yet, so why bother worrying about it, life does it all its own way, we can only decide to walk or stand.

To all readers, specially the one I know, and really also, a big Hug, and lots of love, from the deepest of my soul. Special message to 007: "I know you".

Take good care all, see you when you see me..... :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Rest the last but not the least!

At last, its time to get some rest...... pfffffff.... pfffff, this is a wierd moment, where confusion mixes up my mine as i have seriously lost any concept on the word "Home". I remember writting something about taking my home everywere I go... I guess it is still true, but god its been hard this year to even have time to think about home. This intense moving around has been a blomsom of experiences in the deepest parts of quite a few ccountries of africa! I have checked this year odometer, and it turned out that I have done more than 65000 miles by air this year, and more than 10000Km by car in the last 5 months! Checked in/out an estimated 6o hotels, and slept in about 50 different places that were peoples place, outside, offices and so forth! I have been home 2 times since last december, and spent 2 month seeing the family, the rest of this has been 10 months on the move. more than 30 flight were taken, and I went via paris in transit 9 times this year!

Tonight will be my departure for France at 2345, thats the last flight of the year, hopefully!!!!!!

When I arrive home, it will be some xmas spirit already in all minds but then, at the moment, I have no clear idea of where i'll stand in that! of course, and as it always does now, Ill be more confortable with it after a few hours back in europe! it always does that, you arrive in a new place, you feel it with you eyes and hears, and then an hour later, you are settlted in your headspace again. Not that you know really where you are but physically, but you know where you are in your head within your head. In fact, its like if my environment has shrinked to the size of a water melon. Its not important anymore where my body goes, its where my head goes that matter. In the end, when you travel extensively and alone, you loose all your marks to which you would usually refer to for guidance in all you do. The same way you use your memories of a particular moment to try and replicate the same action with no errors, you find yourself refering to a lot more things you carry in your head to manage your life in the outside environement. Its actually hard to explain this to myself, and I feel that Im writting none sense right now, as i dont exactly know what this is all about. I have not been updating this blog for sometime, simply because I have had not a single moment to think about it, or energy to take the time to work on it. Its been hectic and fantastic, but now im glad to go home! I'll probably be off for 2 month from now, but who knows what emergency may rise in 2007!

I have learned a lots of things this year, technics, cultures, peoples..... and 2007 will be the time to put it all in application for the next expriences! Below I ve put a few pictures of the recent places I have been to...
In order from up to down: Mauritius Airport, Nkayi - Congo RoC, Cameroon - Yaounde - Roger Milla the football legend, Madagascar - Fabrice and Fabrice, Madagascar - Anbrossary - Croco, Madagascar - Aboassary, Madagascar - Lemurien -Amboassary, Madagascar - Abovombe - Two beautiful girls

Friday, October 13, 2006

Senegal - Dakar

Quick stop before Bissau (below), then tonight another stop there, maybe more photos... "Ile Senegal" just of the cost of Dakar, and below, the biggest mussle I have ever had in my plate, I was rather expecting these tiny orange one, like in brittany....

This is a few pictures from what Bissau looks like, Creole is a language I dont really master at all, but I manage to get around with french! I had a great time over here, and head this afternoon for Dakar Senegal! Tonight should be pretty cool, I'll hopefully meet up with a friend family and relax at least for tonight! Tomorrow, is off to Doula via Abijan, where I'll roam around the country for 16 days of hardcore duty!! yeahhhhh..... I can't wait to have some holidays....

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Next Destination

Small update:

Leaving Thursday 29th, West africa.

1) Dubai - Milan (6 hours) - Dakar (8 hours) - Guinea Bissau (15 days)
2) Guinea Bissau - Paris (??) - Cameroon (10 Days)
3) Cameroon - Paris (??) - Brazaville (15 Days)

Return to Dubai.

For the moment I'm staying in Duabi and having a lots of work, but still a lots of fun anyway. Hard to find the time to write in here, but surely I'll soon get bored, or inspired soon to write some more interesting stuff on here, I guess Pakistan was one of the most inspiaring place since I started this blog!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Centrale African Republic

Welcome to the Centrale African Republic! Here is a totally different scenario to the previous two countries! We are now 5 degrees north of the equator, and yet the vegetation is much more somptuous than previously! 60m high trees, very black people, Magnoc is predominantly cultivated, and resources abondant! However, this is also still africa, which means that; corruption, famine, rebellion, road banditery are a part of the "system".

I arrived here early this week, and will leave this saturday, so its not much time to make an opinion of a place with many hidden secrets! Tension is here, people are agressive in asking you money all the time, and getting ripped off is what to expect when buying anything! Womens look at you like if you were a walking golden stick, and mans follows you like if you had something for them! Anyhow, there is still peace of mind to who knows how to talk to them.
I went to a place called Bouar, in the north west of the country, there, it is very rural with a lots of magnoc farms. They live in reddish bric houses all located by the main road.They are very very friendly! A smile is sufficient to wake up a crowed of kids around you! The scenary, is very green with a lots of trees, its a semi-jungle like landscape! There are not really much to see apart from trees and bushes! The aera, is also under constant pressure with the bandits coming from Tchad. Unfortunately, its an aweful drama up there, due to them! They attack constantly villages, rape womens, kill children and entire families, just to get robe the very little these have. They turn upsidedown entire villages to get nothing sometimes! People are scared, but have no choice than to keep their business running, and try to sell their magnoc by the road side! I will always have a deep respect and admiration for theses so poor people, but yet so beautiful in there hearts and so courageous! My feeling about CAR are not yet clear, and I wouldnt like to give the wrong impression to anyone, and certainly not to myself, so, as usual, I ll paste a few pictures here. Meanwhile I'll try to know a little bit more about this very mystic place!

Sunday, September 03, 2006


These days I dont really know much what to write, things are getting settled in something looking like a complete psychological chaos, of course, im talking about where I stand within my own thoughts. The restless flow of wonders and questions passing by my brain cells and stimulating all sorts of stressing epilogue on what to do with it. The pace at which I live, feels so fast. Mostly I dont get the energy and time to write anything. Its just the way it is lately. being in new country for as short as 10 days, and then jump onto another one for the same time. Visiting the four corners of a country in a short time like this makes it feel like you been there for long time. Then yet, you are already in a new place with new people and tasks. Its all very intense! I will have a little more time now in Mauritania, and will have the time to breath and sleep. I guess its what I need, then I shall be able to handle the move around a little more! Next week, Ill be in Centrale African Rep, a mutinery has taken place there, and despite my efforts to work out the danger level of this area, I didn't find much on it. So will see, surely ill be up here to tell you about it, inshallah!

hmm... well, I guess thats all I had to write tonight, I did feel very motivated for writting something but then, it just has all vanished... I guess its a good sign... means I dont have to wonder about anything then.... or should I? should I actually wonder about the fact of having nothing to say? Nevermind!!! pfff.....

I wish you all best of love and luck, love life, love everyone. Stop messing with yourself and trying to find answers to things you are not yet granted to know about. It will come on its time, and you wont have anything to wonder about it!


Note: Don't hink ill read this post as Im not exactly sure why I wrote it and what I wrote in it... wierd..

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Transport sharing!

Why should they walk when they can get a lift?

House of the world

As previously, its time for a new house! This time, it will be two houses. Ethnics diversity in this country is one of the biggest in Africa, therefore, there is a lots of different types of houses, I have chosen some of them to give you a sample idea of what it looks like around here. Two different styles: Saharian & Sub-Saharian! More late, I have to go now! (will edit later).

Thursday, August 31, 2006

2000 Kms journey of joy!

Im almost done with this hectic journey through south Mauritania. I had no idea, once more and as always, I discovered just one more of the wonders that nature has donated! Going on this long journey round the bush to do the job, sounded like a rather tiering thing, but at this stage, after the 1900Km we have done in 2 days, 100 Km seems like 10, and 3 hours sleep, like 6! The reward of course, is to see the unbelievable scenaries Mauritania has to offer! Anyway, since my great friend and brother from Pakistan asked me for Dunes, I guess its time to start the show!

This is just for you "Baba", you asked for Dunes, so here is my gift :-) I hope Pakistan is going along, soon you will be rewarded! Home sweet home! Ill write up some more soon, but very much on the move at the moment! Im sure you know how it goes!

This is when the green comes in! Animals here are free, they have so much flat and free space, it would probably take a life time to get across! Of course, the "Berger" aren't far, and alsway know where to find their troops at sunset!

I love africa, and trust me, its a much richer land that some thinks, its probably far beyond a lot of people's concept of happiness, but a smile like this, is on every face here, and yet, they have nothing. I Could't resist put up the below one, we stopped there to buy milk, straight out of the cow, and these kids bought me even more happiness! Tomorrow, I'll see them again!

Note for my friend below:

J'espere que tu verras cette photo, meme si je sais que tu n'arrivera peut etre pas a la trouver, faute d'internet, je sais que peut etre, tu liras ce message que nous avons laisser pour toi! Bonne chance, et que Allah te protege!

Keyve hallouka, ya akhi.Nahnou vi kaedi, nousselimou ka. Allah ya awnak ente wo khaimatak. Ahlen wo sahlen.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Mauritania (Western Africa Coast)

MMauritania, has suffered a lots of political tourments, and almost annual "coup d'etats" since a decade! Its probably on its way again at some point this year, but people seem to have got use to it. It also has been in conflicts with Morocco, and Senegal, for economic and territorial difference!

Its also a 700 Km white sand beach sea front. Petrol has been recently found here, and of course, foreign companies have started emerging in the capital, encouraging a rise in price of everything! Hotels have now trippled their prices in some places! 25% of the Mauritanian population is in the capital Nouakchott, and the diversity ethnologic present here is impressive!

If you have Google Earth INSTALLED, Download this, and open it! :-)

Here (in the north of the country), you can find the longest trains in the world ( click here), which relay the Fer mines cargos to the port!

This vast and infinite beach and green see so far retained most of my attention! But lets see what else there is when I return from the in-coutry trip (see map).
Distances across the country are huge, and tomorrow, when I'll leave for the begining of the mission, I'll hopefully be prepared for some of the longest trips by road I have ever done! "Aioun" is at more than 1000 Kms from Nouakchott, and all this as to be done in one go on the return! Youpiee!!! :)

Anyway, hopefully I will have a lot more picture soon! I'll be back on Wednesday, inshallah. But so far I really like this dry and desert country!

Few pictures from Burkina Faso

Unfortunately, I didn't get too much time to picture around in burkina, but at least I took a few picture from the roads on my way through the work itinary.

I didnt know that crocodiles are a sacred reptile (in BKF)! like the cow is to India,while the lovely Geko (the one that wakes you up at 4:00 in the morning) is evil, and must be killed when inside a house (apparently, the Geko would bring bad luck, and could be used by the "voodoos"' to spell cast darkness) !

On the road between Fada N'gourma and Dori, its about 4 hours drive, and you do need to have a 4WD during the rainny season! You might also want at time to have a swimming suit on while sitting in the car, you never know, it could all suddenly swing!